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原件 China's largest monastery worships the world's largest ebony Avalokitesvara, known as "Emei Mountain's first gateway"!

    Original Title: The only two giant pandas in the world that do not belong to China can no longer return to their motherland.

    Giant pandas can be said to be one of the most lovely animals in the world. They have lived on the earth for at least 8 million years. They are known as living fossils and national treasures of China. As the image ambassador of WWF, giant pandas are also the flagship species of biodiversity conservation in the world. As one of the first-class protected animals in China, and the giant panda is our unique species in China, the main habitats are Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu, so it is 10 cents precious for us in China.

    The only two giant pandas in the world that do not belong to China are not able to return home although they live in ease.

    It is precisely because the giant panda has a lovely shape, simple character, other countries have also asked us to give or rent to them, so it evolved into a very famous panda diplomacy. It is known that there are 69 giant pandas living in 17 overseas countries. Four zoos in the United States ranked first in the world with 14 giant pandas, and three zoos in Japan with 11 giant pandas ranked second. Because of the deterioration of climate and the severe living environment needed by giant pandas, it is in this situation that China has stopped giving free gifts of giant pandas to foreign countries since 1982.

    According to foreign media reports, China's long history of panda diplomacy has completely ended, the biggest reason is that giant pandas are so rare. At present, the giant pandas living abroad are mostly leased to them by commercial nature in China, and the annual rent ranges from $250,000 to $1 million. That's because in the form of lease, no matter where the pandas are from, their nationality or China belongs to China, even if they have babies in a foreign country. Most importantly, when they reach the age of two, they must be returned to China.

    Today, we are talking about two giant pandas in the world that do not belong to China. In 1975, China presented Mexico with a giant panda. Their names are Yingying and Beibei. The two pandas, who were less than one year old, have since settled down at Chapterpek Zoo in Mexico. But between 1980 and 1987, Yingying and Beibei had five babies and seven babies. Over time, the two pandas originally presented to Mexico have died, leaving only two of their children, Xinxin and Shuangshuang. Unfortunately, both pandas are female.

    Today, the two giant pandas, who are Mexican nationals, still live in Chapterpek Zoo, where they enjoy a very leisurely life every day, attracting a large number of visitors. Mexico is also proud of having giant pandas. In order to better ensure their safety, the zoo has designed all the activity area testing rooms and laboratories for them. They are guarded 24 hours a day and keep a record of their ecological indicators.

    Strictly speaking, the two bears are now in old age, although they are in excellent health under the careful care of the Mexican zoo. Although they are in good health, they can not reproduce their offspring, which makes many tourists look very distressed.

    So far, except for the two giant pandas in Mexico who are not Chinese nationals, all the other giant pandas belong to China. The purpose of this article is to let more readers know that there are many painful things happening in the world every day, but we also need to protect what we have around us. Don't regret it when we lose it, because after reading this article, the readers don't know that Mexico and Mexico do not belong to our China. How do pandas feel?

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